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Help-Portrait is a global movement of photographers using their time, gear and expertise to give back to those in need.

Help-Portrait is not about TAKING a picture of someone. It’s about GIVING it to them. It’s about meeting people in your community that have great needs and establishing relationships that reach further than this one-day event. It’s about purposing to care, encourage and inspire and ultimately make a difference in someone’s life, one click at a time.

The Help-Portrait movement started in 2009 with celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart believing that sharing the gift of portrait photography was a way he could make a difference in his local community (Nashville, TN, USA). Powered by social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter Jeremy shared his vision with others around the world. In the inaugural year his vision inspired 8,400 volunteers to run Help-Portrait events in 543 locations in 42 countries in December, 2009.


1. Find Someone In Need.
2. Take Their Portrait.
3. Print Their Portrait,
4. and Deliver Them.


Help-Portrait,Kolkata ( India ) is a collection of like minded photographers
( Pro/Amateur/Hobbyist/Will Be/Has Been ) or just about anyone interested in working together to spread the movement of “GIVING” in the City of Joy, through the Gift of a Photograph.

Help Portrait Kolkata is our local contribution to the worldwide event. This holiday season, you have the chance to give a someone a gift that they may have never had before- A Portrait of Hope.

DISCLAIMER: Opinions & views expressed here do not reflect those of Help-Portrait, Inc.

NOTE from the Initiator of Help-Portrait, Kolkata:

Hi, I am Sudhyasheel Sen, the initiator of Help-Portrait, Kolkata. I am a Dreamer, Entrepreneur, Wallflower and Minimalist (in that order of preference!) I love taking pictures. And I love giving out pictures, even more! Hence, this project and website.

Feel free to connect with me at:  sudhyasheel.sen@gmail.com

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